Episode 4: Parkinson's and Finances

Neil O’Toole Host

Mary Whelan Parkinson’s UK

Bruce Hodgson Lloyds Banking Group

Sarah Webb Living with Parkinson’s

Simon Vegro Living with Parkinson’s

Nick Cole Living with Parkinson’s

Podcast Episode 4: Parkinson's and Finances

This is the fourth in a series of podcasts by the Younger Parkinson's Alliance. In this episode host Neil and the panel of guests discuss some of the financial impacts of developing Parkinson’s. The panel on thIs occasion comprises two financial experts who provide guidance on actions to take following a diagnosis and a number of people with Parkinson’s reflect on their experiences of the impact of Parkinson’s on their personal finances.

For more information about Parkinson's and the YPA, you can visit: www.youngerparkinsonsalliance.org/blog

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